20 hottest wearable tech startups to watch

April 12, 2017

These small companies are making big waves in the world of wearables.

It’s an interesting time to be a connected-self startup. Crowdfunding titans like Pebble have been acquired, indie darlings like Jawbone are struggling and alternative companies like Misfit are now under big Fossil Group fashion tech umbrellas.
So you might think that wearable tech is entering its mature, boring phase where a handful of huge companies build frighteningly similar devices and compete on the teeniest of differences. Not so..

There are still plenty of exciting startups marking their mark, whether it’s hydration monitoring or hybrids, women’s health or personal safety. As you’ll see, it’s not just new wearable tech companies we’re interested in but virtual reality, mixed reality and smart home startups too.

In no particular order, here are our 20 startups to watch for 2017.

Source: Wearable