ArtFit will help you to get more customers

Artfit is an online service for fitness trainers and fitness professionals that will help you find new clients and offer them individual programs for remote training

What is ArtFit?

Artfit provides fitness trainers with a web application that allows you to create paid individual programs for your customers and be in touch with them for monitoring and feedback. Customers receive a free mobile application where you can mange their fitness programs and communicate in one simple app.

ArtFit for fitness coaches


Create individual, paid fitness programs for your customers. Clients can train completely independently, or combine remote training with personal ones.

Monitoring progress

Evaluate the performed workouts on the basis of subjective feedback from the client and objective data from the fitness trackers. Quickly adjust the fitness program, so that customers always reach their goals.


Be in touch with your customers — give them advice, follow the progress, request information, answer their questions through the built-in instant messenger — quickly, conveniently and from any device.

Increase your income

Save your time — your customers can train on their own, but under your control. You can have more customers. Find new customers through our service. Increase your income using your experience and knowledge.

ArtFit for instructors


Keeping a list of your clients. Coach can plan and assigning workouts and fitness programs in just few clicks.


Collecting and presenting complete information about the completed workouts, including subjective feedback from the client and objective information taken from fitness trackers. Tracking each customer progress and performance.


Built-in messenger as a convenient communication tool with customers to manage recommendations and training progress. The whole history of correspondence is preserved, which allows you to be in the context of a large number of clients.

ArtFit for clients

Free mobile application ArtFit, which has everything you need for self-training with an individual fitness program

Online platform

Performing independent training with real feedback from you fitness instructors, ensuring results at the level of personal training.

Fitness navigator

You see how much is left before reaching your fitness goal. ArtFit evaluates each workout according to a special algorithm and give you clear estimation what has to be done to reach your goal. 


After each workout, you get feedback from your trainer based on your subjective well-being and objective data from the fitness trackers.


Built-in messenger application allows you to quickly and conveniently communicate with your coach.

Availability of the Coach

Your coach is always in touch and regardless of location and time zone. He is aware of your training progress and is ready to answer questions.

Data analysis

Through integration with Apple Health, we support a large number of fitness trackers, fitness devices and services for calorie counting and nutrition planning.


Customizable control panel (dashboard), where you get a set of fitness parameters that you would like to track.

Bot ArtFit 

ArtFit comes with a system bot. It reminds you of training, gives valuable advice after analyzing the results of your activity and training. It also helps coach to track you progress.

Early access to the service

Are you a personal trainer or fitness professional and want to attract new customers or increase the involvement of existing ones? Do you want to increase your income without increasing the number of personal training in the gym? You could achieve all this with ArtFit.

Our Team


Evangelist for scalable, fault-tolerant technologies using the Docker platform, expert in software development, machine learning, AI and processing of large data, a fitness enthusiast.

Victor Kozlov

Entrepreneur and investor, one of the founders of OZON.RU online store, software development companies Reksoft and CleverPumpkin, fitness enthusiast, marathon runner, expert in wearables, Quantified Self and healthy lifestyle.


IT entrepreneur, one of the leading experts in the field of automation of the fitness industry in Russia, an expert in the development of complex software with real-time support, an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, in the past a professional athlete.